Launch of Saúde iD

Fleury S.A. ("Company" and "Grupo Fleury"), communicates to its shareholders and the market in general the launch of Saúde iD, a technology company, based on data science and artificial intelligence. Saúde iD is a platform that enables interactions that create value between customers and service providers, integrates healthcare products and services, ensuring more quality and efficiency throughout the entire patient‘s journey - which is in the center of care coordination strategy.

In 2019, medical inflation in Brazil was 16%, four times the official inflation of the country. For patients, physicians, operators and companies that contract services such as healthcare insurance for their employees, this account is increasingly difficult to close. The biggest challenge for the Brazilian healthcare system is to find a model that guarantees sustainability. Saúde iD is a technology company, based on data science and artificial intelligence, that comes to transform the individual’s relationship with healthcare services in Brazil and give sustainability to the sector.

Launched from the SantéCorp database, Saúde iD is a platform that integrates healthcare products and services in order to ensure more quality and efficiency throughout the patient‘s journey - which is at the center of the strategy. "We invested R$ 50 million to create the largest healthcare ecosystem in the country and radically change the way healthcare is consumed today", says Eduardo Oliveira, CEO of Saúde iD. "Our purpose is that the individual has a unique and integrated view of its health", he adds.

Through an app, the patient can schedule and perform teleconsultations, face-to-face consultations, schedule and access diagnostic test results, access its electronic medical record, self-manage its health issues (chronic diseases) and, in the future, have access to a marketplace that will offer from the selling and delivering medicines to healthy meal kits, consumer goods and offers to adopt healthy habits. The individual‘s health, just like it happens in other aspects of its daily life, now it will be a click away. For the first time, the patient will own all its health information and have it integrated in one place (and they will no longer need to tell their medical history to each physician they visit or exam they perform).

"We are going to democratize access to healthcare, opening opportunities for healthtechs and companies in the sector to develop quality online and offline solutions, to be incorporated into the Platform", says Oliveira. The curation of the products and services that will compose the ecosystem, as well as the governance of the Platform, will be under the responsibility of Saúde iD.

For operators and companies that hire healthcare services for their employees, the Platform will result in a more rational use of resources, becoming a powerful tool to help reduce the medical inflation adjustment curve. By integrating all healthcare consumption data, the Platform is able to offer to corporate sector and healthcare operators a valuable health analytics service, predictive algorithms, report delivery and development of protocols that will have a direct impact on the management of employees‘ health portfolio. Saúde iD means data intelligence that enables the best possible care management.

The Platform will grow in three phases and it will begin with the management of 7 million lives (4 million from SantéCorp and 3 million from Grupo Fleury). Initially, Saúde iD will offer all the services already provided by SantéCorp, including primary care (gateway to the healthcare model), and several services from Grupo Fleury, such as Integrated Care for Companies, Infusion Therapy Centers, Day Clinic and diagnostics at client’s home, for example. Telemedicine services provided by SantéCorp and Grupo Fleury, launched just four months ago and they have already carried out almost 50 thousand consultations.

This first phase will also include two partner companies not controlled by Grupo Fleury on the Platform. One of them is Prontmed, one of the largest providers of electronic medical records in Brazil. The other is the Israeli startup Sweetch, a healthtech specialized in chronic diseases prevention and management.

The second and third phases of growth will aim to bring more partners to Saúde iD (drugstores, hospitals, health professionals, etc.), new offers for individuals and physicians and engage the multiplication of transactions between these different participants, in order to generate a positive network effect. As much participants and more transactions on the Platform, greater will be the benefit for those already present and for those who enter. All of this with the responsible administration of the data, following all the recommendations of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD in Portuguese). "The Platform is highly scalable, with no growth limitations," says Oliveira.

Since 2017 Grupo Fleury has been developing a series of digital skills that were fundamental to the conception of Saúde iD. The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this digitization strategy exponentially. "We were able to connect innovation and 94 years of medical excellence in an unprecedented way in Brazil", says Carlos Marinelli, CEO of Grupo Fleury. "As well as in markets like China, where healthcare platforms like Ping An have become the main growth avenue in the sector, we are convinced that Saúde iD will be a vector of accelerated expansion for Grupo Fleury", he adds.