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Reference in Medicine and Health in Brazil, FLEURY is an institution with a history of excellence, reliability and success.

Throughout its 87 years, FLEURY expanded the range of tests offered, becoming the first multidisciplinary laboratory of clinical analysis. Subsequently incorporated imaging and other medical specialties, as well as diversify its operations in Preventive Medicine, with check-up services, health promotion and chronic disease management.

With a long tradition of innovation and pioneering, Grupo Fleury has focused investment in research and development and application of advanced technology in its entire business chain. Its performance has been guided by ethical principles, goals of technical excellence, reliability in service, personalized human service. The harmony between the vanguard, the rigor of scientific knowledge and vocation to customer service so attentive and differentiated generated, as a consequence, the recognition and trust of customers and the medical community.

The FLEURY Diagnostic Medicine is in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, besides the Fedral District.

Website: www.fleury.com.br

On May 27th, 2013, a new Fleury brand was launched, representing the union of its main important values.


Starting now, the new Fleury brand will become part of your everyday life.
Gradually, you will see it in our PSCs, on the exams, on our website and everywhere that Fleury is present.

This new brand represents the union of our most important values: dedication and knowledge. Our history was built by the founders Dr. Fleury e Dr. Leser based on these two features 87 years ago.

During all these years, we have been innovators and pioneers. We are proud for being cultivated a selected group of professionals, including renowned medical experts. And always keeping a close relationship with our clients.

The new brand is much more than a new design. It represents everything that we are and reflects our vocation to always surprise and innovate.

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